Burnaby (Right at Metrotown) 20% Overhead Family – Doctors | Walk-In | Locum


Job Overview

  • Practice or Institution Name v-Medico
  • City Burnaby

About the Position: 

We are looking for walk-in GPs, locums, and GPs who would like to build their practice. We offer an 20% overhead and are located in Burnaby(Metrotown). You can join us as a full-time, part-time, in-person, or virtual(entirely virtual or in-person and virtual) with flexible hours. Our clinic has six exam rooms and four parking and uses Oscar EMR 19. If you already have a practice, we can migrate your charts free or help us take care of our 8000 patients in the clinic. Our ultimate goal is to serve our GPs and patients  by offering them the best service we can by:

1- Maximizing the productivity and financials of our GPs 

2- Improving productivity by leveraging the technology, eliminating redundant time-consuming administration work, and automating as much as possible.

3- Helping MOAs to support you more instead of wasting time on redundant administration work by implementing the processes and technologies to make the MOAs more at your disposal.

4- Leveraging the technology 

About v-Medico: 

v-Medico is a GP and Patient focus clinic. We currently have five GPs and 3 more will join in July. We are looking for male and female primary care practitioners to join our team to accept a panel. Our vision is to eliminate all the pain points for our GPs, MOA and Patients and provide a practice environment that can accommodate different styles and tastes. We use a custom-built telehealth platform that leverages the technology to provide the tools for MOAs to be more productive and for GPs to avoid in-efficiencies to deliver quality care. 

We can tailor the practice with your style to improve your productivity. For example:

1- We free the MOAs’ time by eliminating the redundant tasks to maximize their support to you. 

2- You will be equipped with a GP app so that you can see your work load without a need to login to EMR

3- Patients can send attachments or pictures for your review when they book a visit. 

4- Patients will provide the reason for the visit during the booking that goes straight to the encounter without MOA intervention.

5- You can customize the visit duration for different visit types. It will increase your availability for more visits and decrease the waste between the visits. For instance, you don’t need 15 minutes for all the visit types.

6- You can set if you want to allow your patients to see other GPs in the clinic or not, or you can select which visits you feel comfortable letting the patients see other doctors or which ones you don’t. 

7- You can set up your cancellation policies, whether patients must pay for cancellation or not, and if they have to pay for cancellation, when is the deadline. 

8- We triage patients based on preliminary questions that can speed up the visit process. 

9- Ensure the revenue for the private visits using the advance credit card payment. 

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