Flexible Locum, Maternity leave coverage in large well-run Richmond clinic

Terra Nova Medical Centre

Job Overview

  • Practice or Institution Name Terra Nova Medical
  • City Richmond
  • Other Details I am very flexible. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to make any adjustments.

I am hoping to get some extra help for my upcoming maternity leave starting in October 2022. I will still be able to work from home to manage my practice but am hoping to not come in for at least a few months. Any shifts at Terra Nova to help cover would be beneficial.  Any difficult questions could be redirected to me. You would not need to review my results or prescription refills or any forms. 

Any days that you could help out would be greatly appreciated.

We have flexible hours and days, standard 30/70 split, and many GPs and NPs at the clinic for support. We have excellent staff with low turnover who are able to help with any questions. I will be available for any questions any time by phone.

I am looking for coverage for at least 3 months but will take any coverage that you can provide. I can also provide long term for however long that you feel you would like to work at Terra Nova. We are very flexible.

If you require a minimum hourly payment, we can discuss this and you can also work permanently full time with us if you like the clinic.

Our clinic won the award for best business leadership in Richmond for all businesses in 2021.

If you are not able, please let me know if you know anybody who might be interested.

Thank you so much, 

Dr. Julie Wilson

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