General Practitioner with focus on Longevity

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  • Practice or Institution Name Tall Tree Health
  • City Victoria

We’re looking for a keen physician who has a special interest in longevity, healthspan, preventative and precision medicine.  It’s time to practice medicine 3.0!



About the Longevity Program

This program is proactive, preventative healthcare made real.

Our approach is to be aggressive with screening, to move the goalpost from normal to optimal, and to support people medically and behaviourally to prevent diseases like cancer, neurological degeneration, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome. Our goal is to extend healthy years (healthspan) and prevent chronic illness and disease.

You’ll work collaboratively in an integrated team of professionals including: health coach, strength and conditioning specialist, nutritionist and dietitian, nurse and a health researcher. Together you will develop comprehensive, long term treatment plans for patients and oversee their health journey for years to come.

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Position: Medical Doctor

Program: Longevity Medicine

Location: Cordova Bay, Victoria BC



As a physician engaged in Tall Tree’s Longevity Program, you will work with a team of engaged clinicians and orient your medical practice to proactive and preventative health care. This program is about optimizing health and forestalling age related disease. 


What Sets This Role Apart:

  • A practice context that isn’t a whack-a-mole scramble of reacting to disease. 
  • Have adequate time with your patients
  • Make a lasting impact in your patients lives
  • Be a navigator, guiding clients to realize their vision of “being old and awesome.”
  • Work in a paradigm that emphasizes behavioral change as much as medical intervention.
  • Be supported by a capable inter-professional team so we can all work to the best of our scopes and you don’t need to do everything alone.



  1. Conduct comprehensive health screenings to understand risk factors:
    1. Use advanced diagnostic tools including comprehensive blood testing through Healthspan Labs, genetic screening, VO2/Lactate testing, DEXA body composition, and more to assess patient baseline health metrics.


  • Individualized Care Plan Development:
    1. Design and implement individualized health plans centered on nutrition, exercise, mental well-being, sleep, and targeted interventions specific  to the patient.
    2. Collaborate with your team to provide tailored recommendations, from specific dietary changes and exercise regimens to targeted supplements and medications.


  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration:
    1. Work closely in a team of experts in nutrition, exercise, sleep, behaviour change and mental health to provide a cohesive approach to patient care.
    2. Translate the latest longevity and healthspan research into actionable patient strategies.
    3. Contribute to team cohesion and communication to ensure patients receive a seamless, integrated,  team-based experience.


  • Ongoing Patient Management and Support:
    1. Continually monitor, adjust, and refine patient care plans based on feedback, updated research, and patient progress.
    2. Foster strong patient relationships, ensuring they feel supported, informed, and motivated throughout their journey.


  • Educational Initiatives:
    1. Play a leading role in patient education, helping them understand the science behind their care plans and the importance of behavioral changes.
    2. Participate in team training sessions to share knowledge, insights, and the latest research findings in the field of longevity and Medicine 3.0.
    3. Engage in outreach and community activities that inform the public about longevity medicine, prevention and healthspan.


  • Program Advancement:
    1. Contribute to the evolution and improvement of the longevity program by providing feedback, quality improvement, and staying up to date on the latest medical research.
    2. Collaborate with the management team to set goals, track outcomes, and ensure the program’s success and growth.


  • Behavioral Change Implementation:
    1. Understand the underlying principles of behavior change and work collaboratively with patients to facilitate adherence to health behaviors.
    2. Provide guidance on stress management, substance use, and other factors influencing healthspan.



  • Medical Doctorate (M.D.)
  • Specialization in Family Medicine
  • Significant knowledge in preventive medicine, precision healthcare, longevity, geriatrics, or related fields.
  • Experience or keen interest in Medicine 3.0 and longevity interventions.
  • Expert in team-based healthcare and experience working with and leading interprofessional teams is an asset.


Remuneration Information:

  • This is a contract position. Fee splits start at 70%.



Devon Cochrane, Chief Executive Officer

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