Hospitalist admitting shifts and/or part time position, New Westminster BC

Ideal hospitalist work…interesting & diverse patients, great colleagues, in a tertiary hospital…with a community hospital feel.  The shifts available are mainly evenings and nights.  Your responsibilities include doing admissions and attending to ward issues. In the ER, we admit a variety of patients of varying complexity and acuity. You will also be responsible for admitting patients to the ward who are released from the critical care unit, responding to ward calls and attending to acute issues on the ward for our patients where needed.


If you are interested in a part-time/full-time line, you will be responsible for a share of days, evenings, nights and weekends.  All people in the program get their shifts equally from a 19-week revolving schedule template.  There is lots of time off built-in.  There is certainly an opportunity to trade shifts with colleagues and pick up extra.

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