How do I search for jobs?

Searching for jobs is easy! You can see current listings on the locums.ca and search on the drop down menus by job type (locum, permanent, shifts) or location. Once you sign up as a Physician Member, you will receive email alerts when new jobs meet your profile.

Remember to complete your Profile and Resume. This will make searching and applying for jobs easier and faster.

I'm looking to hire physicians. How do I submit ads?

3 steps:

  1. Sign up as a Job Poster,
  2. Choose Job Package & submit payment
  3. Complete Job Posting form

1 Job Posting is $105 for 60 days. Bulk discounts available for 5 or 10 postings.

You also have the option to feature your job by purchasing a Featured Posting.  Please inquire about banners and long-term needs. We work with multi-clinic groups, hospitals, health authorities and other organizations t0 determine specific recruitment needs.

How much are the ads and for how long do they last?

1 Job Posting is $105 for 60 days.  Bulk discounts available for 5 or 10 postings.

Please inquire about Featured Postings, Banners and long-term needs. We work with multi-clinic groups, hospitals, health authorities and other organizations to determine specific recruitment needs.

See Pricing

My job is active. What can I do to manage my posting?

Go to Manage jobs:

  1. Check the status of your posting and find out how many people have viewed your posting and if there are any applicants
  2. Edit your posting – Click the pencil symbol under “Action” to edit your posting.
  3. Clone or make a copy of your posting – if you want to create a new posting but don’t want to re-enter the basic information, you can use the clone/copy function under “action” to make a duplicate.

How can I edit my posting? I cannot find the edit button.

Go to Manage Job.

Click the pencil symbol under “Action” to edit your posting.

If you can’t see the “Action” column, you may be using a device with a smaller display screen, or screen font is too large so the “Action” column is hidden.  Click the blue circle a “+” sign beside the “Job Title” to expand the row.  You will see the “Action” items displayed below the Job Title.

I cannot find my posting on the job listing. My posting is not active. What should I do?

You can check the Status of your posting on the Manage Jobs page.  Your job posting may not be active for several reasons:

  1. You have not paid.  In this case, your job will show a status of either “draft” or “pending payment”.  Go to Manage Plan page. Purchase a plan and check out.  Then return to the Manage Jobs page.  Under “Action”, you will now see an option of submitting your job.  Click it to activate your job.
  2. You have already paid, but your job is still not active.  You may simply need to click the “submit” button under the “Action” column on the “Manage Jobs” page.
  3. You have an existing contract with locums.ca  In this case, your job posting will be automatically activated within 24 hours.  Contact us if there are any problems.

How do I increase my ad's chance of success?

Physicians are in high demand throughout Canada and it can be tough to recruit and compete. Even though an attractive ad can help, we cannot guarantee success. However, we can offer wide exposure and increase the chance that your opportunity will be seen. Here are some tips to increase your odds:

  • Use the form!
    • Put as much detailed information as you can on the ad form. The form is specially designed to highlight the information that physicians want when deciding on a job. With so many offers out there, it is crucial that you be descriptive and give potential physicians a good sense of what the job will be like. Ads with scant or incomplete information do poorly. The good news is with locums.ca, there is no limit on word count!
  • A picture is worth 1000 words!
    • Make your ads stand out with good quality photos of the facility, the staff and the surrounding area.
  • Feature your Ad!
    • Use our Featured Add-on to give your ad more visibility.
  • Put your best offer upfront
    • The financial section of the job ad is the most viewed and important part of the ad. Offer competitive remuneration terms with a guaranteed minimum especially during summer and holidays. Do not leave blank or put “Negotiable” in the guaranteed minimum section – our experience is that this will lead to very little or no responses.
  • Be flexible about your dates and job duties
    • Offer flexible dates (e.g. any 2 weeks in July) and schedule choices.
  • Offer incentives & perks!
    • There are many ways to attract physicians besides having competitive remuneration. Offer vacation accommodations and guided activities (e.g. boating, ski trips). Remember to make an effort to welcome the physician into the community – that will ensure that the physician will return and give good word-of-mouth to their colleagues.
  • Provide references
    • This is obvious but often overlooked. Ask previous locums and colleagues to provide references.

How do I feature my posting?

You can select the featured package when you make your purchase.  When a job posting is featured, the ad will stay on top of the job listing on both the website as well as the biweekly members newsletter for the entire period until the job posting expires.

How do I change my password or email address?

  1. Hover on user icon in top right hand corner of page and on the drop down menu click Company Profile (or My profile if you are an applicant).
  2. Scroll down to “Change Email” or “Change Password” near the bottom of the page
  3. Enter your Old Password or Email
  4. Enter your New Password or Email, then enter it a second time to confirm
  5. Click “Save Changes”

If you do not see your questions answered above don’t hesitate to contact us.