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Avee Health is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in providing convenient and accessible healthcare services to patients through pharmacies. With a mission to improve patient experience, Avee Health works closely with pharmacies to establish walk-in clinics within their premises, offering a range of primary care services.

Avee Health’s innovative approach aims to address the growing demand for accessible healthcare services, particularly in underserved communities. By partnering with pharmacies, Avee Health creates a seamless and integrated healthcare experience for patients, who can receive timely care without the need for an appointment or a visit to a traditional clinic.

The company’s focus on patient-centered care and use of technology, such as electronic medical records and telemedicine, enables healthcare providers to deliver personalized and efficient care, resulting in better health outcomes for patients. Overall, Avee Health is committed to transforming the healthcare landscape by making quality care accessible and convenient for all.

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