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I am a full time family doctor  who had a locum set up and now she tells me she is unavailable so  this is a rather urgent posting.

I will be away from Tuesday  Sept 14 until  Monday Oct 4 when I return.     An associate in my office Nesya Jacob will be away the same time – she has a smaller practice.

My husband Robert Libman- also a family doctor will be away the same time.   He also has a smaller practice.

We are all FHGs and we will let you keep all the money you make- i.e. no overhead.

I think 1/2 day twice per week should keep you busy.  If you wanted to come or do more  you would be busier.  We are flexible  with the days and hours you could work.   You could certainly work daily.  To work all day you could go through our labs and call pts to change their thyroid dose or let them know they have an abnormality  and we would deal with it upon our return.

My husband works at  Finch and Weston, Nesya and I  work at Don Mills and Steeles.

We  are all using  P+P  EMR.


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