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Terra Nova Medical Centre is a multidisciplinary medical clinic that provides management, space, and materials to medical practitioners in Richmond, BC. The business focusses on providing a high quality space for doctors and other medical services to function and provide comprehensive, excellent medical care to the Richmond community. Physicians and other providers are given supplies, secretarial services, workspace, and all other required necessities so that they can come to work and focus on their medical practice without having to spend time on the business or administrative aspects of running a medical practice. The services provided are high quality, robust, confidential, and tightly run in order to comply with the standards of the medical profession.

We currently have six family physicians at Terra Nova, three Nurse Practitioners, and an LPN. Our LPN calls patients to give messages to patients under the billing code 13706 (Family Practice Delegated Patient Telehealth Management Fee), which saves time and improves the billings of our GPs while providing more comprehensive care to our patients. She is also able to do vaccinations (adult and pediatric), allergy injections, blood pressures and liquid nitrogen therapy.

We are very lucky to have long-term staff. We have long term medical office assistants, head MOA, clinic manager, billing staff and excellent relationships with our partners at Terra Nova Pharmachoice Pharmacy and Terra Nova Physiotherapy.


A testimonial from on of our Nurse Practitioner colleagues:

“I highly recommend Terra Nova Medical Clinic. I have been working there for approximately 1.5 years and feel it has been a wonderful team environment with a lot of support. I really enjoy working with my colleagues and having the opportunity to review cases as they come up. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Qazalbash are both extremely innovative in their management approaches, approachable, encouraging, and supportive.

Having the opportunity to be part of the continuity of care for patients within the primary care system has been a privilege, and I think this position offers a great opportunity to provide more services within this community. ”

Mariko Miller, MPH, NP(F)

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